Data Usage Calculator

How much data do you use?

Knowing how much data you will use in a month can be difficult to work out. So whether you are keeping in touch with your friends or family through e-mail, browsing the web for your favourite videos or an avid music downloader we can help you estimate your usage.

Note: This is only an estimate of usage. All application usage above totals to your monthly usage, so if you don’t use certain applications (or less for certain applications) then you will have more data usage for the rest.

Light Surfer 5GB Usage

+ 3 hours browsing (per day)
+ 1800 emails /month
+ 15hrs social media/month
+ 1.5hrs videos streaming/month
+ 8hrs music streaming/month
+ 110 photos/month
+ 8hrs gaming/month

Frequent Surfer 20GB Usage

+ 10 hours browsing (per day)
+ 6000 emails/month
+ 65hrs social media/month
+ 9hrs videos streaming/month
+ 22hrs music streaming/month
+ 400 photos/month
+ 29hrs gaming/month

Heavy Surfer 30GB Usage

+ 16 hours browsing (per day)
+ 9000 emails/month
+ 65hrs social media/month
+ 15hrs videos streaming/month
+ 36hrs music streaming/month
+ 650 photos/month
+ 44hrs gaming/month

Super Surfer 50GB Usage

+ 16 hours browsing (per day)
+ 12,000 emails/month
+ 65hrs social media/month
+ 36hrs videos streaming/month
+ 50hrs music streaming/month
+ 860 photos/month
+ 55hrs gaming/month