Festival and Event Wi-Fi

Festival and Event Wi-Fi

Our satellite broadband systems are perfect for festivals and events where a solution is only needed for a set number of days. Wi-Fi can be used and deployed for a number of different reasons.

  • Media
  • Staff/Management
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Acts/Performers
  • Live social media updates
  • Visitors/Guests

Satellite broadband gives ease and versatility. Our solution can be set up anywhere on site and active within 1 hour. Satellite services also give you the reliability and speeds which you need. Whether you need a broadband connection for 2 days, a week, or a month we are able to provide a system on site and on time, which can get you up and running. Our service is completely flexible and can support single users for press activities and broadcasts or multiple users as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What do you get?

Our satellite solution comes with everything you need to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and get online. We provide the full kit and installation service as well as taking down the equipment at the end of the event. We include all the following in the rental cost;

  • Equipment Rental
  • Shipment
  • On-site Installation
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Equipment removal

All our engineers are fully trained and certified by Avanti Communications Plc (Satellite Operator).

Cost and Packages

We utilise our Pay-As-You-Go package for events and festivals giving you the flexibility as well as the ability to control your costs and only pay for the data you use.

We can provide you with an initial data bundle to get you started. If you require further data you can simply top-up by calling our office, additional data will then be added to your account.

You can expect to see speeds of 4Mbps download and 2Mbps upload. This is enough for general browsing, sending and receiving e-mails as well as live social media updates.

If you have recurrent events you may wish to purchase the equipment from us and have an employee trained how to install the system. This can save you time as well as money.