Hyspeedbropadband can provide solutions for the Martitime from offshore energy platforms to yachts.

Offshore Energy solution

The high-speed access provided by the Kymeta™ antenna terminal solution enables the ability to monitor remote offshore energy platforms via live video feeds, obtain real time data and analytics that can be used to improve efficiency, control environmental impacts, and enhance safety.


Hyspeedbroadband offers solutions to provide connectivity on yachts with the Kymeta flat-panel antenna. Connectivity on yachts easy to access, always available, and invisible (or stylishly obvious). Access is omnipresent and easy to use and buy. Owners, captains and crew experience living-room connectivity on the water. Designers are released from including large, unsightly domes. Mobile connectivity on the water is now a reality.

Commercial Shipment and Cruises

With Kymeta connectivity, all onboard systems are connected and can be monitored, with live data instantly available. Efficiency throughout the ship is improved, while operational costs are decreased. Crew welfare is enhanced with the same quality connectivity experience at sea as in port.