Technology and innovation is importnat to us at Hyspeed Broadband. Our customers trust us to deliver the very latest high-throughput satellite technology solutions that are both cost-effective and resilient, built around ubiquitous coverage and a secure ground network.Hyspeedbroadband addressses the need for always-connected mobile communication. 

How it works in a nutshell Kymeta™ has created the world’s first low-profile, lightweight, software-controlled and electronically steered antenna with no moving parts. The Kymeta terminal will auto-commission and auto-provision, allowing for rapid setup and installation.

We are looking to expand our business and offer our clients better coverage by using Kymeta’s advanced dish technology. With Kymeta’s technology we are able to provide clients with transportable and reliable satellite broadband solutions. Kymeta unlocks the potential of satellite combined with cellular networks to satisfy the overwhelming demand for global mobile connectivity.